Can you tell more about the bartender included in the package?

Our package includes one TABC-certified bartender for the number of hours included in your package.  One TABC-certified bartender serves up to 150 guests.  One additional server is required for each additional 150 guests at your event and will be quoted at $75 per hour per additional server.

Do your packages include alcohol or food?

We are an awesome bar with awesome bartenders, but La Antigua Rolling Bar is not able to carry a state liquor license or food preparation license.

Therefore, all alcohol, setups, glassware and food items must be provided by client or contracted catering company. We will always work with you to come up with the needed supplies for alcohol, and we have a third party company arrangement that can deliver alcohol to the event for a small fee.

I want to book you guys, but my caterer is already charging me for a bartender. What can I do?

Tell them “See you later, Jack!” If you have another TABC-certified bartender or food lined up for your event, we will reduce your base package price by $100.00.  We will ask you to provide us with the name and contact information of your bartending or catering company so we can discuss event logistics with them prior to your event.

Is La Antigua Rolling Bar only used for serving alcohol?

Absolutely NOT! Your imagination is the limit. We frequently serve a variety of non-alcoholic food and beverages!

Can the La Antigua Rolling Bar setup be changed from serving drinks to serving food or other sweet treats?

We don’t see why not! Contact us for details specific to your event!

Will La Antigua Rolling Bar fit any outdoor venue?

La Antigua Rolling Bar fits most outdoor venues.  The minimum clearance requirements we need to fit the trailer into are 8ft in width, 22ft in length and 10 feet in height.

Can La Antigua Rolling Bar be set up indoors at my venue or ballroom in a hotel?

We have managed to fit indoors on occasion, but it depends on the venue.

Note that we require the ability to drive our truck and La Antigua Rolling Bar through a door or load-in area of 9 feet wide x 10 feet high opening at a minimum.  Room is needed to maneuver the trailer into place. We also offer our bartending services without La Antigua Rolling Bar for such events that does not permit trailers.

After moving the trailer into place, the final clearance requirements we need to fit the trailer into are 8ft in width, 22ft in length and 10 feet in height.

Is La Antigua Rolling Bar approved to set up at any venue?

Prior to charging you, we will work with your venue coordinator to do a site visit to ensure we can fit the Airstream.

How many hours before my event will La Antigua Rolling Bar need to be set up?

We recommend setting up at least two hours prior to the bar opening time.

We need at least an hour to accommodate equipment setup.  However, we will work directly with you or your event planner for the optimal load-in and load-out time.

What are the electrical requirements for LA Antigua Rolling Bar?

We don’t require much! A 50 feet distance within range of one standard household 110 volt electrical outlet is needed to connect La Antigua Rolling Bar. Our standard setup uses under 10 amps of electricity. 

If no source of electrical outlet is provided, a $50 fee is added to use our inverted generator.  Our inverted generator is silent enough to whisper your conversations and can last the entire run time of the event.

How far will La Antigua Rolling Bar travel for events?

The great concept about having a trailer is that we can take it anywhere. We usually stick around a 50 mile radius of San Antonio, Texas, but if your event is further away, please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

Does La Antigua Rolling Bar provide chairs and table?

We currently do not offer any chairs or tables, but we are more than happy to help you find some!

Can guests hangout inside La Antigua Rolling Bar?

We keep a designated area for lounging, but depending on the circumstance we also may need to prevent any guests or friends from hanging out in the serving area. We can reserve the space for VIP guests at your request for an additional fee.

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